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Monday, May 30, 2011

Feeling Futuristic

This is an image made in the lovely Paint application standard in most computers.  I made this one a few years ago. I had been fiddling with Photoshop for a little while and wanted to see what I could do with a Paint image.

I was feeling futuristic when I made it.  Thinking about the capabilities of Photoshop, being able to fine tune any image, I felt like the futuristic world portrayed in books and movies was already here, only creeping up in my present peripheral vision.  This picture is that vision.

I am feeling futuristic today actually.

I fixed a missing pixel in my LCD flat screen just by taping it, I feel futuristic.  

I am watching a murder trial on that same flat screen and writing jokes about it on Facebook all at the same time.
I feel futuristic.

All of the digital information I have created in the past 3 years (pictures, word docs, music etc) is sitting on my desk inside a flat red slab and I just took it out of a box that has been sitting in my garage for two weeks.
I feel kind of futuristic.

Last night, my dad got mad because the movie we were watching on our DLP Samsung 42" was not playing from our HD DVD player, it wasn't working so we had to use the old CD/DVD player.
I feel futuristic.

I talked to my friends English class in the Ukraine the other morning from my bedroom.
I feel futuristic.

Some LED lights on my stereo create the Phi phenomenon every night because it is on "demo" mode and I don't change them because I like to watch them before I go to sleep.
I feel futuristic.

I can't go to the beach and watch the waves because this box in my car needs to be jolted with protons and electrons.
I feel futuristic.

My mom asked me if I knew about the new drug "Bath Salts" while she fumbled around on her cell phone.  I gave her and assuring "Yes, but that is really dumb" and laughed internally at the fact that she asked me while watching a broadcast of a movie that in which millions of dollars were spend to make, mainly because of the money spent on the SGI effects.
I and maybe my mom feels futuristic.

I want to keep writing about how futuristic I feel but I wont because I know my laptop battery will die in a few min and it takes about 7 min to turn back on and I don't feel like waiting that long just to check my email.

But I am lying, my laptop is actually plugged in.  I just don't feel like writing anymore about how futuristic the world can be if you use the right words.

 Do you have any other futuristic feelings? Feel free to leave them in a comment!

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