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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Pre-Personal Interview of Fine People Trying to Stay Afloat in This Cruel World

After asking the group to hold up peace signs, an interviewer walked in, breaking the collective peacefull-sign-throwing-moment hence the few individuals not looking at the camera with peace signs fligagalying( Fligagalying, a word I made up for throwing any kind of sign with your fingers)

The people in this photo are interviewees/ my competitors, all trying to get a job at Cinemark; Yours Truly was taking the photo.  And while being called one by one to be interviewed, the florescent lights, childish decorations and movie posters did something spectacular to our nervous, anticipatory minds--TIME SLOWED DOWN.

Simply an amazing phenomenon!

It seemed as though all of us (high schoolers, high school graduates and a few college students) were trapped in a room where the out side world, quite literally, would judge our innards.  Not our guts and organs, but our inner-selves.  The stuff that makes us, us.  They, the interviewers, would question the animals we chose after filling a miniature questionare and determine if we were sane enough to work for them! Our financial fate was to be determined by the scrutiny of two men, whom one is seen in the photo opening the door calling the next victim! ( Right as I took the dam peace sign flinging photo damit).  I had asked these fine individuals to pose with peace signs so that I could spread their image of peace about the world via blogging, I said something along those lines, but the point was to have an image for you readers to look at, while I explain this experience.

When the first interviewer and interviewee left, I finished scribbling down my animal and explanation.  And to my surprise, I looked up to see that it was only us, no interviewers, in the room waiting.  Waiting.  In silence.  So my first words "Oh, they are gone".  I then followed with the question "So, what do you guys think of Osama Bin Ladin?".  I asked this to break the silence and start up what I will now come to know as The Pre-Personal Interview of Fine People Trying to Stay Afloat in This Cruel World.  Ok so the world isn't THAT cruel, because the interviewers turned out ot be nice people, but case and point, the first thing all of us talked about was Osama, a man who is cruel beyond Creative Endeavor-ness.

We Continued to talk to each other, breaking the nervous tension about the interviews and helped each other through the moment.  The job itself wasn't so tough, but knowing that all of us need money for school, food, and life, I am sure we had sympathy for one another, all the same just trying to get by.

As the numbers dwindled down, the conversations became deeper and time remained still.  Looking at the picture below, you will see that I left that room last.  And I am very glad for that, because I was able to meet and greet and wish everyone "bon courage" (Chin up in French) before they went off into the big bad cruel world to be scrutinized.  To me, that is a job well done, regardless if i get the job or not!

The list below was written on a napkin.  It was the death list... I mean next list for the interviews.  We had collectively come up with it.  The doodles are surprisingly not mine.  They belonged to some random individuals whom I may or may not ever see again.  I will say though, well done doodleing indeed.  The fact that this doodle is a collective effort makes it a worthy Creative Endeavor.

In case you forgot to wonder, I chose an ostrich as my animal.  They are odd creatures when you look at them, but surprise you with large beautiful eggs!  And if you look at their bodies, off balance and not flight worthy, you will see that they run very fast!  And unlike other birds, they seem to wear their personalities like clothing wherever they go, with their eyelashes and crazy eyes.  They stand out among the crowd.  This is what told the interviewers.
Who is next to be interviewd?  This list told us (On Bounty quicker picker-upper paper)

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