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Friday, May 13, 2011


Today is a fine day.
Red snapper on the grill and a new blog to fill.

This is the first creative endeavor.  It is perfect because it describes a lot what this space(blog) is about.

If you noticed the French words, the color full-ness and the cat in this creative endeavor, you are already seeing what I saw when I made this picture.

I drew it on some white paper with intentions to blend some things.  I wanted to blend my interests of French ideology and cats into one image.

This is the product, which is essentially computer paper filth-ed with pencil.  What you see here is a scan of that drawing which I added color to using a very free and capable version of Photoshop.

"CHAT" means cat in French.
"Endiguez son venteux dehors" means "stem its windy outside".  This is obviously an error on my part.  This was concived months before I attended a college French class, so the error can sit comfortably with the essence of this image--blending things together (French, cats and all errors alike)!

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  1. We, who are but mere mortals amongst each of the hells that we live in gain joy only through the mistakes of our gods.
    When the sun shines, we weep and when the sky darkens, we smile...The prospect of happiness from sorrow is one to be anticipated by the realized few. The truth behind our gaiety is the sorrow of those who control us. The joy in nothing cannot be cannot be gained but our materialistic seduction cannot be quenched. Our ability not to gain what we need contributes to this demise. Our hero's are our failures; what we don't have, we idolize. What we have, we forget.